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Although it might not seem like much, these are the costumes that I have made at both secondary school and Plymouth College of Art. Other costumes are in progress with many more to come as I get ready to enter the industry.


Based on the book of the same name by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1872), its one of the first works of vampire fiction. Set in Styria, Austria, the story, as told by Laura, relates the events of her youth and her troubled relationship with Carmilla, whom she later discovers to be a vampire, Mircalla or Millarca, the Countess Karnstein.

In total, I created 33 complete designs, with at least one costume to be used by each character, including ensemble and secondary characters, and interpreted one of my many designs for Carmilla.

Model - Holly Richardson

Photographer - 


In Carnival Of Curiosities, Trigon is a fortune-teller, psychic, mentalist, mage, the most powerful being ever to have existed.

Lost in time and space, Trigon had a deeply troubled and hurtful life and hides from the world in their own costume, as a means to feel protected and safe from all the harms that surround them.

Trigon is one of my first original characters.

Model - Izzy Parker


Inspired by the poem The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe, this costume was designed with the purpose of creating a dreamlike world, without a moment or specific place, just like a memory. It consists of two parts: a tailcoat, that represents the talking raven from the poem, and a dress, that represents the lady for whom the narrator calls during the poem and his long lost love, Lenore. 

Model - Ana Lopes

Ravena, short film - 2017

Space Lesbians

The love story between a Human (made by Emmett Wadham and Isabelle Mercier) and an Alien (made by me, Jack Harwood and Holly Larkins).

With the themes of Science Fiction, Romance, Postmodernism and Hip Hop my colleagues and I, interpreted a 1660s dress for the creation of a perfume commercial in collaboration with Digital Media Practices.